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Academic Use Restrictions
LexisNexis educational passwords may only be used by law students currently enrolled at New York Law School and solely for educational purposes. This includes work for law classes, student bar journals, or other law student activities. In addition, usage is permitted when students work as research assistants for faculty members. Any other use, including research for outside employers or clients, is strictly prohibited. Students who use their LexisNexis IDs for commercial purposes risk forfeiture of their IDs.
Law School Home Page: Law students can access a variety of resources including LexisNexis, class web courses, the Interactive Citation workstation, career services and reference materials.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Law School Graduate Program:

LexisNexis permits graduating students to continue to use their law school Lexis account through December 31, 2019 and need not do anything further to do so. Use the same Lexis account log on credentials you used during law school. This access is intended to help you study for the bar, conduct your job search and become more efficient in Lexis Advance research.

ASPIRE Program: The ASPIRE (Associates Serving Public Interest Research) program provides 12 months of free access to federal and state cases, codes, regulations, law reviews, Shepard’s Citation Service and Matthew Bender treatises to graduates who are engaged in verifiable 501(c)(3) public interest work. Graduates who apply to this program must work directly for a non-profit or charitable organization, and be able to provide documentation (e.g. email) from a superior of the same. Exclusions include government work (even if unpaid), work for a law firm (even if it represents a non-profit organization), and solo practice (even if it encompasses non-profit work). A 501(c)(3) organization is defined as one that is organized and operated exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, testing for public safety, literary, or educational purposes. Graduates should receive a new Lexis Advance ID about a week after they submit the completed application.

To apply for the ASPIRE program, please contact our LexisNexis representative, Nejat Bumin, Esq. (email: nejat.bumin@lexisnexis.com; 551-580-1920).

Students who have changed their expected graduation date since first issued a LexisNexis ID their first year must contact LexisNexis Customer Service (800-45 LEXIS) to change their graduation date on the LexisNexis system.

Lexis Advance Support & Training: General information on searching, sample searches and live research help. Contact LexisNexis at 1-800-543-6862 for those times you can’t reach the Reference Desk.

LexisNexis Digital Library (eBook collection): A collection of eBook law treatises and study aids from LexisNexis, including a wide selection of Matthew Bender treatises. To borrow and read these ebooks, current members of the NYLS community should sign in using their network credentials. Alumni and other Library guests may read and borrow the ebooks from on-campus computers by clicking on the designated button.