Research Fellows Checklist

(For Faculty and Research Fellows)

To help Research Fellows (RFs) get started (and to make life just a bit easier), we have put together a checklist of administrative details. The checklist appears below (and copies can be found at the Reference Desk).

The Library offers a variety of research skills training sessions. All sessions require advance registration. For a schedule of classes and to register online, go to Mendik Library Summer Research Classes & Challenge on the Library’s web page. Any questions should be directed to Michael McCarthy at ext. 2384 or via email

RF Accounts
RFs should not use their own library account to check out books for faculty members. Conversely, RFs should not borrow items on a faculty account that are not for actual use by a faculty member. RFs borrowing items for their own use on a faculty-assigned research project should borrow on their own account. Forms for creating RF accounts are available at the Circulation Desk. The forms must be completed, signed by the faculty member, and returned to the Circulation Desk. You may also download a copy here. Any questions about the forms should be directed to Elina Oyola at ext. 2148 or via email

RFs are not allowed to check out course reserve books unless the faculty member advises us that it is for emergency use only and not for the entire semester.

Each faculty member is assigned a librarian liaison who serves as a primary library contact. RFs should arrange to meet with the appropriate liaison, who will be able to assist with questions about library procedures (including things like what to do if you can’t find a book), as well as provide helpful research advice or assistance. Because they have been working with the faculty member for a while, they are likely to be generally familiar with the subject area the RF will be researching as well as the faculty member’s preferences.

RFs should request (from his or her faculty member or the appropriate faculty assistant) a copy card to use with the library copiers. The cards come from the Business Operations Office. Faculty members and RFs should be aware that a copy code provided by a faculty member to the RF does not work on any of the library copy machines; a copy card, however, will work.

Bloomberg Law, LexisNexis and Westlaw all have summer access provisions and usage policies for continuing and graduating students. You can find the details on the Library’s web page under For Students >> Summer and Post Graduation Access to Bloomberg Law, LexisNexis, Westlaw & more.

Download the Research Fellows Checklist