Accessing TWEN Courses

How Do I Access TWEN?

1. Open your Internet browser and go to

Click on the TWEN link at the top of the Westlaw page.

2. Enter your OnePass username and password in the appropriate text box(es) on the left side of the page, then click Sign On.

– If you are a first year student, you can only obtain a Westlaw password by attending one of the Library Tours given during First Week.

-If you are a current TWEN user and have already registered your password, your TWEN home page is displayed. (You do not need to continue with step 4.)

-If you are a new or a current TWEN user and have not yet registered your password, a message is displayed indicating that registration is required. Click Register Password on the left side of the page. The Password Registration page is displayed. Continue with step 4.

3. Enter your registration information (e.g., name, e-mail address) by typing information in the text boxes or selecting options from the drop-down lists, then click Proceed.

4. Complete the second page of the registration, then click Submit Registration at the bottom of the page. The TWEN registration confirmation page is displayed. You can now access TWEN and other Westlaw services.


How Do I Add a Course to My TWEN Home Page?

1. Next to the “My Courses” Click on “Add a Course.” The TWEN courses available at your school are displayed.

2. Select the check box next to each course you want to add. Note: To remove a course, clear the check box next to the course you want to remove.

3. If a password is required to add the course, type the password in the Password(s) text box. (You will need to obtain the course password from the professor who created the course.)

4. Click Submit at the bottom of the page to return to your TWEN home page to view your courses.


How Do I Navigate Within a Course?

To enter a course and view the course home page along with the related course materials, click the course name on your TWEN home page. To access the document pages, discussion forums, quizzes, calendars, assignments, and other materials associated with your course, click the links (e.g., Calendar, Quizzes) displayed on the left side of any course page.


How Do I Drop a Course?

1. Once you’re logged into TWEN, look for the Drop Course button.

2. Place a check mark next to the course(s) you would like to drop from your course list and select Confirm Drop.