Bar Study Planning for NYLS Grads

Dear Graduates:

In making your plans to prepare for the July 2019 bar exam, don’t forget to plan for where you will be doing your studying. Many NYLS graduates will use the comfortable study spaces available to graduates here in our Library and on campus. These spaces are open every day, including evenings and weekends. Beginning on July 5th, our Library will remain open until midnight on Sundays through Thursdays before the bar exam.

Other graduates will find it more convenient to study closer to home. And bar review participants enrolled in bar review courses hosted at other law schools may find it convenient to study in the other school’s library.

Some graduates may be under the impression that NYLS Library can arrange free access to other law schools’ libraries for bar exam study. Please note that this is NOT the case. Our Library’s reciprocal access arrangements with other law schools extend to our students, but not to our graduates.

If you wish to use to another law school’s library for bar study, you must make arrangements directly with the other library. Most local law school libraries charge other schools’ graduates a fee for a bar study pass, and several sell only a limited number of passes. This may be true whether or not you are enrolled in a bar review course hosted at the school. Thus, if securing a study seat in another law school’s library is important to you, you must plan ahead by contacting the library that would be convenient for you.

Click here for a document that details July 2019 bar study access policies at local area law schools. NYLS Library’s reference librarians can help you contact other libraries. You may call us at 212-431-2332, or e-mail Please keep in mind the general rule that we cannot arrange access to other libraries that are sold out of passes, or are otherwise closed to NYLS graduates.

Bar Exam Preparation Resources

Law Library Bar Study Access Policies (Summer 2019)