Alumni Spotlights

Meet three NYLS alumni whose work takes them to the front lines of emerging issues, from digital media to cybersecurity.

aristedes mahairas, class of 2000Aristedes Mahairas ’00

Cybersecurity issues have dominated headlines in recent months, from Facebook’s data breach to a ransomware attack on Boeing, another on Atlanta (which reportedly cost the city more than $2 million), and the Justice Department’s indictment of nine Iranians charged with executing a massive hacking crime.

Special Agent Aristedes Mahairas, who leads cybersecurity operations for the FBI’s New York field office, cites these events as examples of the wide-ranging cyber threat landscape. It’s the latest role in his distinguished 22-year career with the FBI.

“These threats are diverse, they are complex—some in their design and some in their implementation—but they’re all dynamic, they’re all constantly changing,” he says. Read more.

lawrence montle, class of 2013

Lawrence Montle ’13

When Lawrence Montle leads data security trainings for his colleagues at the New York State Insurance Fund (NYSIF), he starts with an analogy of a dripping kitchen sink.

“If there’s a little leak in your kitchen sink, you can go to work, come back, and things will probably be OK,” Montle says. “But if you go on vacation for a couple of weeks and there’s a leak, not only your floor, but your whole house will be damaged.”

Montle, the Chief Information Security and Privacy Officer for NYSIF, has trained most of the Fund’s approximately 2,400 employees in how to safeguard sensitive workers’ compensation and disability benefits data. (NYSIF is a government insurer for employers in New York.) Read more.

cathy yoon, class of 2007Cathy Yoon ’07

Cathy Yoon has witnessed the technology’s dramatic growth first-hand. She first learned about blockchain a few years ago. Today it’s the focus of her legal career.

Yoon attended NYLS as an Evening Division student while working full-time in the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) group of The Bank of New York’s legal department—a quick walk from NYLS’s Tribeca campus. She worked hard to balance her busy day job and the demands of law school. Throughout, Yoon steadily focused on her plans to practice M&A law. She graduated near the top of her class. Read more.