NYLS Grads Are Strongly Represented Among the City Law Department’s Newest Hires

The New York City Law Department, whose more than 900 lawyers represent the city in a wide range of legal matters, hired 78 new attorneys in August and September 2018.

Of the 78 new hires, 11 are graduates of NYLS—the top-represented law school in the group.

10 new Law Department hires from NYLS standing on the steps of City Hall

The new Law Department hires on the steps of City Hall. (Yekaterina Sapson ’18 not pictured.)

The hires were announced by New York City Corporation Counsel Zachary W. Carter and were featured in a story by the New York Law Journal.

Most of the NYLS alumni will work in the Law Department’s Tort and Family Court Divisions. The Tort Division is the Law Department’s largest division and handles a high volume of tort claims against the city. The Family Court Division prosecutes juvenile delinquency matters as appropriate and works on certain interstate child support cases. One NYLS alum has joined the Department’s Special Federal Litigation Division, which defends the city against civil rights cases brought in federal court and involving claims of misconduct by police, District Attorneys, or correction officers.

The 11 new hires from NYLS are Sabrina Ball ’18 (Tort), Danielle Cipollina ’18 (Tort), Monique Baptist ’18 (Family Court), Lacey Garnett ’18 (Family Court), Patrick MacDonell ’18 (Family Court), Alexandra Megna ’18 (Family Court), Carly Muth ’18 (Family Court), J.D. Naphor ’18 (Tort), Stefano Perez ’18 (Special Federal Litigation), Yekaterina Sapson ’18 (Tort), and Andrew Weisberg ’18 (Tort).

Many NYLS students intern with the Law Department, which—like City Hall and numerous other government agencies—is just a few blocks from NYLS’s campus. (Learn more about Cipollina and Perez’s internship experiences.)

Baptist’s dedication to public service was highlighted during NYLS’s 2018 Commencement. She received the Kathleen Grimm Medal for Distinguished Public Service and spoke about her commitment to using her legal education to help others.

NYLS’s connections to the Law Department are deep. Numerous alumni have gone on to work there, and Dean Anthony W. Crowell began his public service career at the Law Department before serving as Counselor to Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

NYLS students hoping to pursue public interest and government jobs find plenty of support at NYLS. The Office of Academic Planning and Career Development, led by Assistant Dean Courtney Fitzgibbons, plans dozens of events that expose students to employers throughout the academic year, and the entire team provides one-on-one counseling to students on networking, interviewing, and resume-writing. Swati Parikh, a senior member of the office, is instrumental in linking students to public-interest and government jobs and has been honored for her accomplishments. Irina Gomelskaya, another senior member of the office, helps ensure strong relationships with employers.

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