NYLS Hosts Internet Law Scholars From Around the World

On March 24, NYLS’s Innovation Center for Law and Technology hosted a symposium for scholars working at the crossroads of law and technology.

The 2018 Internet Law Works-in-Progress Conference workshopped 60 draft papers and projects, allowing participating scholars to receive in depth-feedback on their work.

Scholars hailed from across the country and across the world, including universities in China, Israel, Greece, the United Kingdom, Denmark, and Germany. They participated in specialized sessions on copyright, privacy, artificial intelligence, emerging platforms, online content, and other internet law topics. The group represented a broad cross-section of backgrounds and research interests, and their works-in-progress explored issues ranging from free speech online to the legal rules necessitated by algorithmic decision-making and the threat that network-based technologies pose to democracy.

Professor Ari Ezra Waldman, a noted privacy scholar who leads the Innovation Center and whose first book Privacy As Trust: Information Law for an Information Age will be published on March 29, spearheaded NYLS’s role in the conference.

“This conference series, which is in its eighth year, is a locus on scholarship about our future,” Professor Waldman said. “Issues first discussed here become the subject of policy debates five to 10 years later. This is an essential gathering for scholars willing to take risks, think outside the box, and challenge the status quo.”

Adjunct Professor Joseph Forgione, Associate Director of the Innovation Center, also played a key role in organizing and planning the day.

Several NYLS students who work with the Innovation Center were directly involved in hosting the scholars: Gabriele Fougner 1L Two-Year J.D. Honors Program, Jason Goodman 3L, Maverick James 2L, Meenka Maharaj 3L, Kaleigh Morrison 3L, Carlos Mendez Perez 3L, Paisley Piasecki 1L, April Pyatt 4L Evening, Vincent Rotondo 2L, and Katarina Sykes 2L.

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