Summer Internship Q&A: Nabeela Latif 2L

Nabeela Latif 2L just wrapped up her summer internship with the Finance Services practice area at Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP. The firm’s Manhattan offices are on Liberty Street, a short walk from New York Law School.

How was your internship?

I just finished my last week, and it was a great experience. I worked with one of the partners on the Cadwalader Cabinet, which he founded. It’s a highly respected online resource on financial regulations. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission looks at it. Corporations consult it to see if they’re complying with every regulation. I learned a lot by doing research for the Cabinet.


What projects and tasks did you handle?

I researched the latest regulatory updates for broker-dealer regulations, which was the most interesting part of the work to me. Everything that I wrote about was provided to the partner and used by him for the Cadwalader Cabinet. I also researched the latest FINRA fines cases and worked on transaction summaries for another attorney’s case. I gave a presentation to the partner on broker-dealer regulations and received very useful feedback. One benefit of the internship was that the partner gave us daily or weekly talks on different financial and regulatory subjects in the news. One topic I found interesting was how whistleblowing works under the Dodd-Frank Act.

Were there opportunities for mentoring with senior attorneys?

Yes, although I primarily worked with a partner in the Finance Services practice area, I was able to take on projects with other attorneys in the practice area and learn from their individual areas of expertise. Everyone was willing to speak with me and answer questions.

How does this internship link to your career interests?

This internship was in a practice area that I did not think I would ever want to go into last year, but it really opened my eyes to considering another area of law. It also helped me understand how Financial Services Law can be applicable to other areas of law that I would want to pursue. I want to go into International Corporate Law, International Real Estate Law, or Environmental Law as it pertains to Corporate and Real Estate Law.

Did you see a link between your classes and this work? 

I saw a link between my classes from NYLS’s London Study Abroad Program earlier this summer and my work. During the London Study Abroad Program, I took International Corporate and Finance Law, which provided a foundation for the work I did this summer. The attorneys here have encouraged me to take courses in securities and regulations, which I plan to do.