Summer Spotlight: NYLS at Ladas & Parry

Ladas & Parry LLP represents owners of intellectual property rights in the United States and around the world. The firm has offices in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, the D.C. area, London, and Munich, and its clients include leading corporations in technology, fashion, pharmaceuticals, financial services, and other key industries.

This summer, Julianne Bagley 3L served as a Trademark Intern at Ladas. Danielle Weitzman ’15 is an Associate at the firm, and Dennis Prahl ’89 is a Partner.

The Program

Danielle Weitzman

Danielle Weitzman ’15

Summer interns at Ladas frequently contribute to scholarly writing and presentations, as well as projects that serve the firm’s global clients. Duties might include drafting responses to office actions issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, preparing evidence to support contested matters, and researching trademark-related academic articles.

Weitzman got her start at Ladas as an intern. Today, she helps run the internship program.

“When I was an intern here, I was immersed in client and academic work from day one,” she says. “The experience shaped how I write and provided a strong foundation for my legal career. I often say that I’m a product of Ladas & Parry, and I’m happy that my role has come full circle.”

“We give interns as much exposure to our day-to-day work as possible,” says Prahl, “and we tend to hear very strong feedback from participants about how much they’ve benefitted from their time at the firm.”

The Extras

In addition to their hands-on duties, interns attend group trainings and events, and the firm facilitates one-on-one networking.

Alumni of the internship program have even returned for speaking engagements with current interns, Weitzman notes. She adds that while many interns go on to work for Ladas & Parry as associates, others stay connected in different ways.

“Some of our former interns take on in-house roles and even become clients later on,” she says. “It demonstrates that this internship is a stepping stone to many different opportunities.”

The Experience

Julianne Bagley

Julianne Bagley 3L

Bagley says that the internship has been “a great challenge” and has “confirmed that I’m on the right pathway.”

“I came to NYLS with an interest in intellectual property law, which grew out of my background working in fashion, art, and entertainment marketing,” she says. “I was excited about Ladas & Parry’s strong focus on international IP.

“From the beginning of the internship, I was immersed in client work. The firm clearly wants its interns to succeed. I enjoyed working with Dennis and Danielle, and I learned so much from observing their approach.”

This year at NYLS, Bagley will take part in the PTO Trademark Clinic, where she plans to further sharpen her skills.


The Alumni View

Dennis Prahl

Dennis Prahl ’89

Prahl and Weitzman are proud that their fellow NYLS alumni, as well as current students, have a presence at Ladas & Parry.

“I’ve encountered many fellow alumni at the firm through the years, and we continue to see great candidates from NYLS,” Prahl says.

Weitzman adds, “The connection with NYLS is very important to me because, as a result of the School, I came here as an intern and launched my legal career. Working with NYLS interns today is a way of paying it forward to the School that helped lead me here.”