Top Privacy Scholars Share Their Works in Progress at NYLS

On October 20, leading privacy academics and experts gathered at New York Law School to workshop drafts of their scholarship.

The inaugural Northeast Privacy Scholars Workshop was co-hosted by NYLS’s Innovation Center for Law and Technology and Fordham Law School’s Center on Law and Information Policy. The closed-door setting allowed participants to receive extensive and candid feedback on their drafts.

“One of the reasons I started this workshop was to bring together a community of interdisciplinary privacy scholars at all stages of their careers,” said Professor Ari Ezra Waldman, Director of the Innovation Center. “Ten years ago, just a handful of professors worked on privacy issues. Today, we had a room overflowing with computer scientists, lawyers, sociologists, and economists working together to address some of the most important issues in society.”

Papers discussed at the workshop spanned a range of disciplines: law, social science, computer science, engineering, communications, and public policy, among others. Paper topics included the use of data by law enforcement, discrimination in technology, and companies’ use of consumer information.

Professor Ari Ezra Waldman

The group at NYLS included representatives from Columbia, Cornell, Georgetown University Law Center, New York University, Princeton, the University of Arizona, the University of Maryland, the University of Minnesota Law School, the University of Pennsylvania, and several international institutions.

Professor Waldman, who created and co-chaired the event with Joel Reidenberg of Fordham University School of Law, is currently working on a multistage project on privacy by design, or the notion that consumer privacy should be considered at the design stage and built into new technologies from day one, not added after the fact. Professor Waldman’s paper, “Designing Without Privacy,” won the Best Paper Award at the 2017 Privacy Law Scholars Conference, privacy law’s highest academic honor. The article will be published in the Houston Law Review and will be at the center of Professor Waldman’s second book. His first book, titled Privacy As Trust: Information Privacy for an Information Age, will be published by Cambridge University Press in 2018.

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