Most law school classes ask that a law student think like a lawyer. Clinics ask that they act like a lawyer. Through our innovative clinical programs, students learn law as medical students learn medicine—by practicing it.

Offering unique opportunities to represent real people and work on real cases, the clinical experience is as rigorous as it is rewarding, instilling in students a sense of professionalism, empathy, and know-how. Clinics are often cited by graduates as the highlight of their law school experience. Furthermore, employers are significantly more likely to hire students who bring practical, hands-on experience.

Our goal is to ensure that every student can and will take advantage of a first-rate clinical placement or supervised externship and will have the chance to work on real cases, transactions, and advocacy efforts, with real people—clients and witnesses, business owners and entrepreneurs, government officials, attorneys, judges, and more.

To that end, New York Law School has doubled its clinical offerings. Each clinic is guided by expert faculty and attorney supervisors.

The latest clinic offerings place students in a range of practice areas, including asylum, civil rights-housing, corporate law, criminal prosecution and defense, cyberbullying, education law, elder law, immigration, intellectual property, legislative advocacy, mediation, post-conviction remedies; securities, tort litigation, and veterans issues.

All clinics require a student application prior to enrollment. For more information about the application process visit or download the application.