Faculty News

NYLS’s faculty members produce influential and timely scholarship that advances legal education and breaks new ground. Read about some of their selected works.

Faculty News

New York Law School’s faculty members produce influential and timely scholarship that advances legal education and breaks new ground.

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Selected works from Fall 2023 are below:

Books and Chapters

  • John Marshall Harlan II Professor Penelope Andrews authored “The Casserole Constitution: The South African Constitution and International Law,” a chapter in Laws: Rigidity and Dynamics (2023).
  • Associate Professor Molly Guptill Manning authored The War of Words: How America's GI Journalists Battled Censorship and Propaganda to Help Win World War II (Blackstone Publishing, 2023).
  • Associate Professor Justin Murray authored  “The Procedural Architecture of Mass Incarceration,” a chapter in Mass Incarceration in the 21st Century: Realities and Reflections (Routledge, 2023).
  • Assistant Professor Amy Wallace authored “Flexibility is Everything,” a chapter in Street Law: Theory and Practice (Hart Publishing, 2023).

Law Reviews, Journals, and Articles

  • John Marshall Harlan II Professor Penelope Andrews authored “Reflections on South Africa’s First Black Chief Justice” in the Law and Society Review.
  • Professor Richard Chused authored “Mural ©ontroversy” in the Vermont Law Review.
  • Professor from Practice Shahrokh Falati ’08 authored "A Singular Disclosure Requirement Is Necessary For Patent Law" in the Columbia Science and Technology Law Review and “US Patent Law Hinders Life-Saving Cancer Therapy Development” in Bloomberg Law.
  • Professor Doni Gewirtzman co-authored “Practice Perfect Constitutional Law II” (Aspen Publishing), a study supplement on constitutional law and constitutional rights.
  • Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Institutional Strategy Matt Gewolb authored “Law Professors’ Conceptualization and Use of Students’ Prior Knowledge and Experience in Developing Subject-Matter Understanding,” (Ed.D. Dissertation, Teachers College, Columbia University, 2023)
  • Professor Gowri J. Krishna co-authored Expanding Your Worker Cooperative Business: A Guide to Licensing & Franchising (Democracy at Work Institute, 2023)
  • Associate Professor Molly Guptill Manning authored “Fight back! Stay curious, expand your mind and ‘don’t become sheep’” in the Miami Herald.
  • Joseph Solomon Distinguished Professor Rebecca Roiphe co-authored “Depoliticizing Federal Prosecution” in the Denver Law Review.
  • Associate Professor David Simson authored “Methodological Gerrymandering” in the Cleveland State Law Review.

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