Alumni Association

NYLS Alumni Association membership is extended to all graduates of the School. Learn how you can support the Association’s efforts.

Alumni Association

The mission of the New York Law School Alumni Association (NYLS AA) is to support and promote the School, its students, and its alumni by:

  • Collaborating with NYLS on events and initiatives to recruit students and engage alumni
  • Mentoring students and recent graduates on professional development
  • Providing financial support to the School


Johnny T. Vasser Jr. ’11, President

E. Drew Britcher ’84, Vice President

Anthony K.C. Fong ’14, Vice President

Shana S. Ricchiuto ’15, Vice President

Hanna Rubin ’13, Treasurer

Jarrod Perry ’11, Secretary

Membership and Leadership

NYLS AA membership extends to all graduates of the School.

The NYLS AA seeks a talented and diverse group of alumni to serve on its Board of Directors. Members of the Board of Directors are elected to an initial term of one year and may be eligible thereafter for re-election to a term of two years. There is no stated term limit.

Directors must be an NYLS AA member and must have demonstrated the following:

  • An ongoing commitment to the School
  • Active involvement in School and NYLS AA activities
  • A high standard of professionalism

Meeting Dates

The NYLS AA Board of Directors will meet via Zoom on the following dates:

September 22, 2020
November 10, 2020
February 16, 2021
June 15, 2021

All NYLS alumni are welcome and encouraged to attend Board of Directors Meetings.

Any questions can be directed to

Office of Institutional Advancement  •  T 212.431.2800  •  E