New York Law School offers a robust core curriculum and more than 250 upper-level electives.


New York Law School offers a robust core curriculum and more than 250 upper-level electives.

Asylum Clinic

In this upper-level clinic, students are trained to represent immigrant clients under faculty supervision and argue cases in the Immigration Court and before the Newark and New York Asylum Offices on behalf of refugees fleeing persecution in their home countries.

Clemency Clinic

The Clemency Clinic engages students in drafting, filing and prosecuting clemency petitions for presumptively qualified federal inmates under the Justice Department’s clemency initiative and state inmates sentenced to life without parole for non-violent felony offenses.

Comparative Law

This course explores both scholarly and practitioner perspectives, as well as case law, to seek answers to issues of rights, social justice, inequalities, racial and gender discrimination and other constitutional issues through the lens of constitutional law and Bills of Rights.

Constitutional Law I

This Core Curriculum course is the first part of a two-semester introduction to constitutional law and theory, focusing on doctrine related to the constitutional rules governing the federal government and the constitutional rules addressing the distribution of power between the federal government and the states.


This upper-level Core Curriculum course covers the formation, organization, purposes, and powers of business corporations, the distribution of powers between shareholders and directors, the duties and liabilities of directors and officers, and more.


This Core Curriculum course examines the scope and function of the Federal Rules of Evidence against the background of problems arising in the trial of an issue of fact, and the rules are evaluated on the basis of their tendency to promote or impede a rational method of investigation.


Business and Financial Services

Intellectual Property and Privacy

Government and Public Interest Law

General Practice / Chart Your Path





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