New York Census and Redistricting Institute

The New York Census and Redistricting Institute engages and educates public institutions, nonprofit organizations, and the public about law and policy relating to the national census in 2020 and subsequent city and state redistricting.

New York Census and Redistricting Institute

Now that data collection for the 2020 Census has concluded, the New York Census and Redistricting Institute serves as a non-partisan redistricting resource center. It is the first institute of its kind for a New York City academic institution and provides unique and timely research opportunities for New York Law School students.

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The Institute advises the public, organizations, and government officials on best practices and strategies on federal, state, and local redistricting processes. It also serves as a "New York State hub," providing information, assistance, and guidance on current activity in Albany and across the state.

The Institute partners with organizations involved with redistricting to provide them with technical guidance and assistance on the law, legislative process, and mapping. It also offers briefings, educational materials, and training to members of the U.S. Congress, State Legislature, local governments, the media, and organizations on all aspects of redistricting.

The Institute plans to offer access to cloud-based redistricting platforms, where students and the public can engage in drawing model legislative districts. It also partners with Redistricting Online and the National Conference of State Legislatures to report on national redistricting activity. In addition, the Institute engages in related public policy developments affecting voting and elections across the state, especially as ranked-choice voting and similarly impactful election reforms are considered by the state and localities.

Adjunct Professor and Senior Fellow Jeffrey M. Wice, a national census expert and preeminent authority on New York redistricting, leads the Institute’s legal and policy efforts, supported by Fellow Nicholas P. Stabile.

Redistricting Resources

New York Public Mapping Project

These websites have open source mapping software that will allow New Yorkers to draw district maps, as well as analyze district maps drawn by others.

The Institute has launched a competitive public mapping project for academic and public interest organization teams.

New York State Redistricting Events

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