Financial Aid

Learn about financial aid options, which may consist of funding from a variety of sources, including loans. 

Financial Aid

The Office of Admissions and Financial Aid, available at 212.431.2828 or, is a resource for you as you research and apply for financial aid.

Types of Financial Aid

How to Apply for Financial Aid

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

For consideration for all types of financial aid programs available, you must file the 2021–22 FAFSA as soon as possible after November 1, 2020. If you applied for financial aid in 2020–21, you may be able to use a Renewal FAFSA. Financial information that changes from year to year (adjusted gross income, taxes paid, asset information, etc.) will need to be added. Please be sure to include NYLS’s code “G02783” and your housing plans when completing the FAFSA.

The processed FAFSA transmission will generate a Student Aid Report (SAR), which you will receive and have the opportunity to review, correct, update, and respond to as required. This information is automatically sent to NYLS, providing you included the correct school code. If you wish to be considered for NYLS need-based aid, you must also complete the parents’ section of the FAFSA. More information regarding completion of the FAFSA (or Renewal FAFSA) can be found at Don’t wait! The priority deadline for filing the FAFSA is March 1, 2021.

Web Resources

Research private (alternative) loan programs.

Federal Student Aid
Access student aid from the U.S. Government.

Free Application for Application for Federal Student Aid
Complete this form to apply for financial aid for graduate school.

Internal Revenue Service
Research educational tax benefits information.

National Student Loan Data System
Explore an integrated view of your federal loans, from disbursement to closure.

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