Bar Exam Champions

Help NYLS set the Class of 2021 up for success with access to AdaptiBar by making a gift today.

Bar Exam Champions

Bar Exam Champions, #NYLSBarExamChampions

Your gift to NYLS’s Bar Success Fund provides resources for bar takers including support of bar exam day lunches, our world-class Bar Success faculty, the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) simulation app AdaptiBar, simulated exams, an unparalleled alumni mentor program, and more.

Your support ensures our bar takers are prepared and confident on the day of the exam and are all NYLS Bar Exam Champions!

Read about why your support matters:

Shane Dizon

Shane Dizon, Associate Dean for Academic and Bar Success

"I can safely say that the NYLS community's engagement with supporting our bar takers is a tremendous asset in giving them the best chance to succeed the first time. Our alumni's mentorship and financial support through the Bar Exam Champions program ensures our bar takers have trusted peers to guide them through their bar challenges, free best-in-class supplemental multiple-choice resources, and much-needed nourishment and refreshments during on-campus simulated exams and the on-site bar exam day itself. And I think Bar Exam Champions is the best way that recent alums in particular can pay it forward to those who come after them."

Alexandra Simels ’19

Alexandra Simels ’19, NYLS Alumni Association Board Member and Co-Founder of NYLS’s Alumni Bar Mentor Program

“As an attorney and someone who took the bar, I want to support others on their road to becoming attorneys. As an NYLS alum, I take this one step further—I am particularly invested in our recent graduates passing the bar.

Every resource that can be provided is one less thing for a bar taker to worry about. I believe it is important to support our bar takers in any way we can so that it can be even a fraction easier to come out on the other side and pass the bar. Lunches and AdaptiBar (seriously AdaptiBar is a huge game changer) helped get me through.

As alums, we were once where this summer’s bar takers are and know what it can be like to feel unsupported. I think it’s part of our job to extend a hand. It’s easy to make a difference.”

Susan Flynn-Hollander

Susan Flynn-Hollander ’85, NYLS Alumni Association Board Member

“I managed to get through the bar prep period—without the assistance of online tools, the convenience of AI-directed review questions, or free lunch at my exam site. And passed. It is because of that harrowing and lonely experience that I support Bar Exam Champions, which provides our bar takers with mentors, free lunch during the exam, practice sessions, bar review courses, and the MBE simulation app AdaptiBar. I encourage my fellow alums to contribute to the cause and donate to the efforts of NYLS to ensure that the next generation of our colleagues is optimally prepared to pass the bar.”

Angel F. Espinal

Angel F. Espinal ’21

“AdaptiBar was crucial in my preparation for the bar exam. Answering a few questions during my commute to and from the library made a drastic difference in my overall performance. AdaptiBar helped transform my weakest part of the bar, the MBE, into my strongest on test day.”

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