Bar Exam Champions

Help NYLS set the Class of 2021 up for success with access to AdaptiBar by making a gift today.

Bar Exam Champions

Bar Exam Champions, #NYLSBarExamChampions

Your gift provides our recent graduates with access to AdaptiBar, the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) simulation app. AdaptiBar is one of the most important tools in our recent graduates’ bar preparation arsenal.

NYLS saw a 14.5-percent improvement in its bar passage rate for first-time bar takers from 2018 to 2019. The bar passage rate held steady in 2020 and rose again significantly for the February 2021 exam. Our recent graduates’ continued success ties directly to their use of AdaptiBar. Help us set our newest alumni up for success with access to AdaptiBar by making a gift today.

Your gift helps our bar takers become #NYLSBarExamChampions!

Read about why your support matters:

Alea Roberts '20
NYLS Alumna

“AdaptiBar is the best tool for you outside of your bar prep course. It prepared me for the bar exam just as much, if not more, than my bar prep course."

Alexandra Simels ’19
NYLS Bar Exam Mentoring Program

"While I was initially slow to use AdaptiBar, it ended up becoming one of the most important aspects of my bar prep. When I started working on MBE questions with AdaptiBar, my performance drastically improved! I could curate quizzes that directly correlated to what I wished to work on and areas I needed to strengthen. Even wrong answers were broken down into explanations I could easily digest and apply the knowledge going forward. AdaptiBar was one of the most useful bar prep tools in my arsenal, and I would not have passed the July 2019 New York Bar Exam without it!"

Anthony K.C. Fong ’14
NYLS Alumni Association Vice President and longtime Bar Exam Champions Supporter

"During these tumultuous and unprecedented times, it is important, perhaps more than ever, that we support our NYLS community. I have supported and contributed to the New York Bar Exam lunches for years because I recognize how important emotional support and encouragement can be during the stresses of studying and otherwise preparing for the bar.

If we evaluate methods that can optimize our support during this time, the numbers do not lie. We can best help our NYLS students, and our future fellow NYLS alumi, by contributing to AdaptiBar programs. In our NYLS class of 2019, there was a 14.5 percent increase in bar passage rates tied directly to AdaptiBar! I have taken AdaptiBar while studying for another state's bar because I found that the app gave me the flexibility to study with my work hours. It is truly something that I believe will continue to benefit our students."

Paulina Davis
Associate Dean for Academic and Bar Success

"AdaptiBar is a critical tool in our array of supports for our bar takers. Since introducing the tool to our students in February 2018, we've worked to increase and improve their use of AdaptiBar by providing full-year access to the tool and incorporating it into our MBE preparation workshops. As a result of our efforts, we've seen a meaningful increase in our average score on the MBE. And our overall bar exam pass rate has increased, as well! Many students credit AdaptiBar as an essential aid during their bar study period, and we're proud that with the generous support of our alumni, NYLS can continue to offer AdaptiBar to our graduates at no cost."