Judicial Clerkships

Judicial Clerkships

Judicial clerkships are an exceptional way to launch a legal career. There are several types of postgraduate clerkships: federal, state, or specialized courts (such as bankruptcy, tax, or international trade). Both federal and state judges offer clerkships at the appellate and trial levels. Generally, a clerk will conduct legal research, analyze case law, and draft bench memoranda, orders, and opinions, though responsibilities may vary depending on the type of clerkship. These positions typically last one to two years.

Judicial clerkships are highly sought, which makes them very competitive. Grades, research, and writing ability, as well as coursework in a specialized area, all play a determining role in obtaining a clerkship. Connections with faculty members and employers are also crucial, as their letters of recommendation are critical to your application.

The Office of Academic Planning and Career Development helps New York Law School students secure judicial clerkships by providing step-by-step guidance and offering extensive resources. For additional information on application details, visit the Judicial Clerkship channel on the NYLS portal or contact the Office.

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