Event Type Academic Calendar


tue09apr9:00 amNo classes 4pm or later: Eid al-Fitr

wed10apr9:00 amNo classes: Eid al-Fitr

mon22apr9:00 amNo Classes 4pm or later: Passover

tue23apr9:00 amNo Classes: Passover

thu25apr9:00 amOnly Tuesday 4:00 p.m. or later classes meet


wed01may9:00 amwed11:50 pmMonday classes meet

thu02may9:00 amOnly Monday 4:00 p.m. or later classes meet

thu02may9:00 amLast day of classes

fri03may9:00 amReading day

mon06may(may 6)9:00 amwed15(may 15)11:50 pmExam period

sun19may(may 19)9:00 amfri24(may 24)11:50 pmMay Inter-session

mon20mayAll Day132nd Commencement Exercises

mon27may9:00 amNo classes: Memorial Day

wed29may9:00 amSummer-session begins


wed19jun9:00 amNo classes: Juneteenth


wed03jul9:00 amNo classes: Observed

thu04jul9:00 amNo classes: Independence Day

mon22jul9:00 amLast day of classes

mon22jul9:00 amWednesday classes meet

tue23jul9:00 amReading day

wed24jul9:00 amExams for Monday/Wednesday classes

thu25jul9:00 amExams for Tuesday/Thursday classes


mon19aug(aug 19)9:00 amfri23(aug 23)11:50 pmOrientation (On-Campus)

mon26aug9:00 amFirst day of classes