Fashion Law and Technology

Fashion Law and Technology

Fashion Law and Technology

This course explores the interplay between emerging technologies in the fashion arena and the law. The course covers all forms of existing wearable tech, as well as recent technological advances in the fashion industry such as 3D printing and smart fabrics. The course will examine how the existing body of fashion law (concepts, cases, statutes, legislation, agreements, etc.) is being applied in the case of such new technologies. The course will focus on intellectual property concepts (including trademarks, domain names, copyrights, and patents), as well as contract law in this area.

The course will include numerous practical exercises to solidify learning including simulations involving: assisting a fashion tech company in business formation and with financing agreements; preparing independent contractor agreements for technology creation; drafting intellectual property assignments; negotiating intellectual property licenses, NDAs and co-branding agreements; conducting online searches of the USPTO and Copyright Office in order to register and protect fashion tech, and even preparation of a design patent.

The overall knowledge gained by students regarding fashion law and technology, however, will be much broader than these practical skills. Students will also consider: what constitutes infringement of intellectual property in the fashion tech space; international protections for such technologies; counterfeiting concerns; privacy law and data rights as they relate to new technologies; and even sustainability considerations. Students will have a full understanding of the legal issues most relevant to the fashion tech industry today upon completion of the course.

This upper level, substantive course focuses on legal, business, and policy issues faced by fashion tech industry.

Recommended for the Following Professional Pathways: IP/Copyright and Trademark; Media, Entertainment, Sports, Fashion; Corporate Transactions and Governance; International Business

2 Credits


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