Refugee and Asylum Law

Refugee and Asylum Law

Refugee and Asylum Law

This course explores the U.S. treatment of foreign refugees and political asylees. It closely examines relevant regulations, statutes, and international treaties, including the most recent ratification of the Convention Against Torture. Students study both administrative and judicial decisions. This course exposes students to the adjudication of claims for political asylum and the procedural rules which are an integral part of the immigration law system. Topics include but are not limited to: the consideration of the nature of the persecution and the treatment of economic migrant; the detention of applicants for political asylum; racial and national origin discrimination or political bias in the system; exclusion and exceptions to eligibility for political asylum; ethical and emotional demands on the participants.

This upper-level elective covers the regulations, statutes, international treaties, and case law related to refugee and asylum law.

Recommended for the following Professional Pathways: Immigration; International Law/Human Rights

2 Credits


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