Dispute Resolution Team

Dispute Resolution Team

The Dispute Resolution Team (DRT) is a student-led organization that represents the School in competitions based on alternative dispute resolution methods and lawyering skills.

Faculty Advisors

Kris L. Franklin
Professor of Law
Director, Academic Initiatives
Co-Director, Initiative for Excellence in Law Teaching
Co-Advisor, Dispute Resolution Team

F. Peter Phillips
Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Law
Director, Alternative Dispute Resolution Skills Program
Co-Advisor, Dispute Resolution Team

Competitors gain experience in client interviewing, client counseling, negotiating, mediating, and arbitrating in a variety of practice areas.

Students may earn academic credit through membership, which requires active involvement in competitions, trainings, and mooting of fellow teammates. Students gain membership to the team by successfully competing in one of two annual competitions: the Intramural Negotiation Competition in the spring semester or the Summer Write-On Competition held before the fall semester commences.

The DRT’s Executive Board and Faculty Advisors oversee the team’s activities and contribute to its growing success by strategizing and mooting for competitions.

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