Employee Relations and Anti-Discrimination Law

Employee Relations and Anti-Discrimination Law

Employee Relations and Anti-Discrimination Law

This course surveys the laws and concepts governing the relationships of individual employees and their employers, emphasizing private-sector employment. It includes the evolution of the employment relations ship at common law, changes in the “at-will” power of employers to govern the workplace wrought by federal, state, and local statutes, and workplace application of common law tort and contract rules. The course gives special attention to employment discrimination statutes and federal and state laws that regulate terms and conditions of employment, including compensation and health and safety. The course incorporates elements of courses formerly given under the titles "Employment Law” and ”Employment Discrimination Law.” Students who have previously taken both of these courses are not eligible to take this combined course.

This upper-level, substantive course covers the legal and policy aspects of the employment relationship between individual workers and their (mainly) private-sector employers. This is an examination course.

Recommended for the Following Professional Pathways: Health Care Management and Compliance; Labor and Employment (Corporate Perspective); Civil Rights/Civil Liberties; Government/Public Sector; Labor and Employment; Media, Entertainment, Sports, Fashion; General Practice –  Litigation/Dispute Resolution

4 Credits


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