Law Review Executive Board I and II

This course is reserved for members of the Law Review Executive Board.

Law Review Executive Board I and II

Law Review members who have completed one year on Law Review may be elected to an Executive Board position during their second year of membership. Although E-board positions vary in their respective duties and time commitments, there is an Editorial Board that exclusively handles the publication of the Law Review and a Legal Scholarship Board that exclusively handles aiding fellow members in writing their notes and comments.

The New York Law School Law Review is a journal of legal scholarship edited and published by students at New York Law School four times a year. All positions are the Law Review are considered co-curricular in nature. The Law Review is student-run and publishes articles, notes, comments, essays, and speeches on many areas of legal scholarship. Students gain membership to the Law Review in one of two ways: through the grade-on process or through the write-on process. For more information on membership to the Law Review, please visit

Please note that "I" and "II" are for Registrar/transcript purposes only—they signify that the student completed the required work the fall semester (I) and the spring semester (II).

2 Credits (1 credit per semester)


Business and Financial Services

Intellectual Property and Privacy

Government and Public Interest Law

General Practice / Chart Your Path





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