Law Review Member I and II

This course is reserved for members of Law Review.

Law Review Member I and II

First semester Law Review members are required to take the Legal Scholarship course and write a case comment during the fall semester to receive their one credit. The case comment is a form of legal scholarship that critiques a recent court decision on a legal basis. Law Review members in their first year of membership are also required to help the Editorial Board in publishing the Law Review by completing weekly citation and substance checking assignments.

The New York Law School Law Review is a journal of legal scholarship edited and published by students at New York Law School four times a year. All positions are the Law Review are considered co-curricular in nature. The Law Review is student-run and publishes articles, notes, comments, essays, and speeches on many areas of legal scholarship. Students gain membership to the Law Review in one of two ways: through the grade-on process or through the write-on process. For more information on membership to the Law Review, please visit

Please note that "I" and "II" are for Registrar/transcript purposes only—they signify that the student completed the required work the fall semester (I) and the spring semester (II).

2 Credits (1 credit per semester)


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Intellectual Property and Privacy

Government and Public Interest Law

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