Race, Bias and Advocacy

This course examines how issues of race and race bias manifest themselves in the practice of law.

Race, Bias and Advocacy

Race, Bias and Advocacy

Course Description: This seminar will address how issues of race and racial bias manifest themselves in the practice of law in many different ways and in a wide range of subject areas, including criminal justice, prisons, corporations, professional responsibility, education, and attorney/client relations. Each week readings, presentations and student-faculty discussion will be devoted to an examination of a particular area or subject and led by one or more members of the faculty with interest and expertise in that subject or area. Students will contribute to identification and development of issues through short written responses to the readings each week, active participation in discussion, and by writing a longer research paper related to one of the topics or issues raised in the seminar.

Course Structure: This upper level seminar examines how issues of race and race bias manifest themselves in the practice of law.  This course includes the unique learning opportunity to work with a number of NYLS faculty exploring these complex issues.

Recommended for the Following Professional Pathways: Civil Rights/Civil Liberties; Criminal Defense; Criminal Prosecution; Government/Public Sector; Labor and Employment; Labor and Employment (Corporate Perspective)

Approved for the Writing Requirement.



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Government and Public Interest Law

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