Advanced Sports Law

This course shall take an advanced approach and dig deeper into the topics raised in sports law. More importantly, this class will explore how agents, arbitrators, and attorneys interface with one another and shall include, among other things, the review actual complaints, contracts, and motions filed in relevant sports law cases.

Elections Redistricting and Voting Rights

This course will explore a broad swath of voting rights law. In coverage of reapportionment, redistricting, the census, racial vote dilution, and partisan gerrymandering, students will build on concepts of federal jurisprudence of reapportionment and redistricting, including the core constitutional doctrines, the Voting Rights Act, census issues, and the landmark cases that govern the redistricting process.

Law and Economics

Law and economics is one of the most influential schools of thought in modern law. The ideas propounded by the economic analysis of law are gaining increasing traction in court decisions and in legal policy. This course will examine the major contributions of law and economics in contract, tort, and property, as well as in other areas of law that may not initially appear to be amenable to economic reasoning.