Family Law Clinic

In this clinic, students will interview clients, draft documents, conduct legal research, and engage in community outreach, as they experience Family Court practice and learn more about the Family Court Act and a range of family law matters.

Family Law Clinic

Students enrolled in the Family Law Clinic will be exposed to Family Court practice and the Family Court Act, as well as to a range of family law matters. They will gain experience with interviewing clients, drafting documents, conducting legal research, and engaging in community outreach. These experiences will be beneficial to anyone interested in either public or private sector work in the family law arena.

The clinic is structured in partnership with Legal Information for Families Today (LIFT), which provides legal information and assistance to New York City Family Court litigants who are otherwise proceeding pro se in custody/visitation, child support, domestic violence, and other matters. The course provides students with the opportunity to engage in a live-client setting. True to the tenets of clinical pedagogy, students will be encouraged to adopt the role of lawyer and develop the related professional skills under the supervision of an attorney.

Students in the clinic may conduct client consultations, which may include client interviewing, counseling, and document drafting. The subject matter may include custody/visitation, paternity, child support, and/or domestic violence. Students may also conduct intake for the pro bono program (Family Legal Connection), including conducting screening interviews, issue spotting, and preparing case files.

The course is open to evening students and includes a weekly seminar along with clinic work in the field.

Approved for the Experiential Learning Requirement, and satisfies the Writing Requirement. Enrollment is limited. Registration is binding. Application and interview are required, and the application can be found on the Office of Clinical and Experiential Learning section of the NYLS Portal.

Please note: Per ABA rules, this course may only be used for one graduation requirement. Students must communicate with the Registrar at the time of registration to elect to count the course for either Writing Requirement or Experiential Learning Requirement.

Recommended for the Following Professional Pathways: Family Law; Government/Public Sector; Immigration; General Practice – Litigation/Dispute Resolution

4 Credits


Business and Financial Services

Intellectual Property and Privacy

Government and Public Interest Law

General Practice / Chart Your Path





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