Moot Court Executive Board

Moot Court Executive Board

Moot Court Executive Board

Students Members of the NYLS Moot Court Association may receive 1 (ungraded) credit per semester, for a maximum of 2 credits, for satisfactory service as a member of the Moot Court Association Executive Board, provided that the faculty advisor certifies that the student completed all responsibilities. These responsibilities may include judging in the Froessel or Wagner competitions, grading Froessel or Wagner briefs, judging practice rounds for intramural competitions, assisting intramural teams in researching and writing briefs where permitted under competition rules, and teaching non-Board members how to do legal research, write briefs and argue orally, in a satisfactory manner and in compliance with the Moot Court Association’s by-laws.

Moot Court is a co-curricular activity. Students are elected to the Moot Court Executive Board after serving for at least one term as a member of the Moot Court Association.

1 Credit Per Semester


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