Moot Court Member

This course is reserved for members of the Moot Court Association.

Moot Court Member

Student members of the Moot Court Association may receive 1 (ungraded) credit per semester (for a maximum of 2 credits), for satisfactory participation, as determined by the faculty advisor of the Moot Court Association or another faculty member designated by the faculty advisor, in an intermural moot court competition sponsored or co-sponsored by the Moot Court Association. Satisfactory participation is awarded if: the student has prepared a brief or a portion of a brief of significant quality representing substantial personal legal research, and has satisfactorily prepared for the oral argument by participating in a sufficient number of practice rounds; or the student is registered in an intermural competition sponsored or co-sponsored by the Moot Court Association as a member of the intermural team and has satisfactorily performed the responsibilities of the coach; or the competition involves a significant lawyering skill, such as interviewing, counseling, negotiating, or trial advocacy, and the student has completed the necessary preparation for the competition, including legal research, document preparation, and practice rounds.

Each spring, the New York Law School Moot Court Association administers the Robert F. Wagner National Labor and Employment Law Moot Court Competition in honor of the late United States Senator and distinguished alumnus. The competition is the nation’s largest student-run moot court competition and the premier national competition dedicated exclusively to labor and employment law. For over thirty years, schools from across the country have competed in this prestigious event.

Moot Court Association is a co-curricular activity.

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