Sexuality and the Law

Sexuality and the Law

Sexuality and the Law

The struggle for equal participation in society by lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transsexuals, and other sexual minorities has increasingly occupied the attention of legislatures, courts, government officials, employers, the business community, and others involved in making public policy decisions. This course provides a grounding in the constitutional and statutory principles underlying this growing area of the law, with an emphasis on the First and Fourteenth Amendments, parallel provisions of state constitutions, and statutory law in the areas of discrimination (employment, housing, public accommodation and services), criminal law, torts, and domestic relations.

This upper-level substantive course examines the struggle for equal participation in society by sexual minorities.

Recommended for the following Professional Pathways: Labor and Employment (Corporate Perspective); Civil Rights/Civil Liberties; Family Law; Government/Public Sector; International Law/Human Rights; Labor and Employment

Note: This is offered in a 2 credit or a 3 credit format. Check specific semester registration materials.


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